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ALT TELECOM Company Limited is a professional manufacturer that specializes in producing telecom shelters with innovative climate control systems based on energy saving concept for the global telecommunication industry. Flagship products include prefabricated shelter, outdoor enclosure, rapid deployment unit, sun shelter, etc. which are available in standard, custom specification and OEM basis. Also, in response to high demand for mobile communication from South Asia, Middle East and Africa, we have expanded production facility to New Delhi, India. 


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We are “INNOVA TELECOMMUNICATION”, a professional manufacturer specializing in innovative Antenna and base station equipments with our brand name “SUMTEL”. We vision to be the number 1 leader of local telecommunication in Thailand and one of the global leading manufacturers in the near future. With our vision, we drive willfully to our mission to serve our customer with our 100% satisfaction to our tailor-made products. Flagship products include Indoor and outdoor mobile base station antenna, filter, combiner and RF accessories which are available in standard, custom specification and OEM basis. With the rapid growth of telecommunication industry, we also develop our staffs and our products to be up-to-date to the technology to achieve our vision and mission continuously.


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is a company established in 2002 and has since grown to be one of the leading companies specialized in providing communication products and components. At present I 21 is mainly involve in marketing communication based stations, optical fibers and cables, terminations, accessories and components to telecommunication authorities, cellular operators, manufacturers, contractors, wholesaler and various other industries in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Myanmar Information Highway Limited is set to capitalise on the broadband-business expertise of UIH, which has served customers in Thailand for well over 20 years already. MIH's mission is to accommodate Myanmar's rising demand for high-speed data connectivity through the delivery of efficient broadband services.